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About Florabundance

Company History

Florabundance, Inc. was incorporated in August of 1994 by a group of quality California cut flower growers. The goals of the company were simple: to provide a fresher, high quality floral product to the retail floral trade. By cutting the time from cut to receipt and by providing an extensive product line, the company was destined to succeed in providing the growing customer base with the products needed and demanded by the general public. There have been many milestones over the course of the last twenty-six years. The company has grown through acquisitions, a strong internet presence, new marketing programs, and through the tireless efforts of a skilled and educated staff of professionals. Florabundance looks to quality growers around the world to continually expand the specialty flowers available to our customers. Our aim is to form a team with our growers, employees, and customers. We are in business to assist in everyone’s success and to foster the positive emotions that are only natural when everyone comes through for the consumers looking to bring more beauty and joy into their lives through flowers.

Florabundance is located in the seaside town of Carpinteria where the mountains of the Los Padres National Forest meet the Pacific Ocean, just south of Santa Barbara, California. This area is known for its rich and fertile growing conditions. This, coupled with favorable year-round temperatures, ensures a steady and consistent supply of locally grown fresh cut flowers and greens. Our packaging and flower preparation is highly developed allowing us to offer a 100% quality and freshness guarantee.

You can expect to receive a floral product line that also includes flowers and greens grown throughout the United States and other major flower producing countries. This gives you the advantage of knowing that all the staple flowers will be there when you need them, along with knowing you will have many unique fresh flowers to choose from.

Today, Florabundance is dedicated to sustainable growth to ensure success and viability in the marketplace. We are clear that we are here to serve retail florists and other special event professionals in the floral trade. This clarity of vision, coupled with our business principles, ensures that we will be here for you now and in the future to help you develop the cutting edge needed to prosper in today’s floral industry. We invite you to tour the site, sign-up for our newsletter, and shop on-line in our store designed for the floral professional.

About the Owner

Joost Bongaerts – Owner & President

Born in 1959 in Den Haag, The Netherlands, Joost grew up in the Netherlands. His father managed agricultural land holdings all over the country. Joost spent summers working on his family’s farm in northern Holland and became interested in agriculture and horticulture as a result. He studied at Wellant College in Gouda, graduating with a degree in Plant Science. Joost also spent a semester at Michigan State University as part of an exchange student program, which led to his desire to work and live in The United States.

Joost began his professional career in 1981 marketing fresh cut flowers from Holland for The Dutch Flower Auctions & Exporters Organizations, first in Holland and then in Livonia, MI. From 1983 to 1991 Joost worked for several Dutch Flower Bulb Companies selling flower bulbs and perennial plants to specialty cut flower growers in The United States and Canada. In 1991 Joost and his wife Alexandra opened Bonfleur (Bongaerts Flowers), a European-style retail flower shop in New Canaan, CT, which they sold to their manager in 2002. During this time, Joost also imported flowers from Holland and was president of First American Florist, an online wholesale flower company shipping flowers from Holland started to do business with Florabundance, becoming a partner in 2002 and eventually full owner in 2008. Joost’s background and experience in selling flower bulbs to growers, importing cut flowers and running a successful retail flower shop provides a unique perspective from which he has developed the Florabundance brand into one of the premier wholesalers in the United States. Joost and Alexandra moved from Connecticut to California in 2008 and have two grown children.

Our Mission

The mission of Florabundance is to provide the highest quality fresh cut flowers according to the needs and specifications of our customer.

As one of the premier sources for wholesale fresh cut flowers and greens in North America, Florabundance supplies floral designers with the necessary value and versatility they need. Our knowledgeable staff is friendly and ready to assist you with your cut flower needs.

There are many times during the year that production varies in different locations. We will always strive to maintain supply for our customers as long as the quality is superior. If not, we will let you know so that alternatives can be considered. Our Account Managers are involved in the procurement of our fresh cut products. They do the work of assessing the flowers and foliages to make your job easier. You are assured of knowing you are getting accurate and necessary information to run your successful business.

Commitment to excellence shines through in the way we take the time to understand your needs, the pulse of the market, and the growing conditions throughout the world.

Why Florabundance?

As one of the premier sources for wholesale fresh cut flowers and greens in North America, Florabundance supplies floral designers with the best variety, value and versatility. Our knowledgeable staff is friendly, warm and ready to assist you in all of your fresh cut flower needs.

Florabundance offers:

  • 100% quality and freshness guarantee
  • Experienced account management and customer service
  • Same day and nation wide shipping available
  • One stop shop; cut flowers, branched fruits, greens, garlands, wreaths & more
  • Mixed boxes according to your needs
  • Impeccable and careful packaging of your flowers
  • Designer Showcase giving our customers an opportunity to promote their services
  • Supreme quality and selection
  • Industry and trend information from our customers and floral related organizations
  • Always something new and exciting in our product line!

Service Philosophy

Our focus is on our relationship with you, our customer. We are continually finding new and better ways to communicate and respond to our customers. Your feedback is essential for our success. Knowing what we do well and how we can improve are cornerstones in the systems and procedures that we have established since 1994.

The flowers and foliages we sell and ship are sent with a guarantee unequalled in the industry. We want your expectations to be exceeded. Then, and only then, will we feel like we have succeeded in meeting your needs.

Please take the time to review all areas of our website. We invite you to learn more about us so that we can learn more about meeting your needs. You can provide us feedback through the Contact Us section of our site or by sending an email to

Thank you very much for your consideration and support.

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